Freight Forwarding Solution

Freight Forwarding Solution

Our Cloud based Freight Forwarding solution is developed to help freight forwarders to manage and operation their business operation efficiently and seamlessly without any big investment. Our product intention to provide solution to all small freight forwarders to manage their business online, work from anywhere and handle more shipments with minimum resources.

Key Features

  • Sales calls and follow-ups
  • Manage freight quotes with profit and loss at initial stage
  • Job orders and HBLs
  • Invoicing and receipts
  • Import Shipments and Manifest

Business Challenges

  • Revenue leakages
  • Poor monitoring of each shipment
  • Customer and Vendor Credit maintenance
  • Difficult to forecast the business
  • Make prompt billing and dispatch


  • Cloud based software without any big investments
  • Online system – access anywhere, anytime
  • View real time profit for each shipment
  • Execute more shipments with minimal manpower
  • Track all activities at one place and minimize human errors
  • Emails to customer and vendors within the system
  • ToDo list for quick actions
  • All billing/payments goes through system

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