IGM/EGM Manifestation Automation

IGM/EGM Manifestation Automation

Tired of entering BL data in to the system???


We have a solution for you to automate your manual entries and generate a manifest on a click and submit to authorities.

Key Features

  • Automated BL entries
  • Automated IGM and IAL for all terminals
  • Automated EGM and EAL for all terminals
  • All manifest compliance within a system
  • Vessel Voyage wise reports

Current Business Challenges

  • Manual entries leads to Type error
  • Time consuming
  • Last minute changes and amendment
  • Penalty if it’s not adhere to regulations


  • Automate BL Entries and no manual intervention
  • Saves time and focus on other productive work
  • 99% accuracy with minimal monitoring
  • 2 to 3 resources work can be automated through system
  • On time filing as per regulations

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